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14 Fun Family Experiences


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这里展示的许多景点都是娱乐领域的先驱, 文化, 和保护. Start your explorations of these parks and museums, listed north to south, with these essential experiences.

1. Watch Creatures Cross Your Path at Safari西

This 400-acre wildlife park in 圣罗莎 is called the “Sonoma Serengeti” for good reason. 这是 home to 900 animals 从90年的物种, including giraffes, 犀牛, 和牛羚, along with local species such as bobcats and turkey vultures. But the magic of the 索诺玛县 park comes from its spontaneity. “Rather than walking from one habitat to the next, we board a truck with our guests and go out exploring,” says guide Jarod Paddock. “从来不是‘下一个斑马’,总是‘下一个,无论我们找到下一个.’ Every day is a surprise.” (更多的)

2. Watch Candy Making at Jelly Belly Factory

While the free basic tour 在 candy factory in 费尔菲尔德 很有趣,导游会让你觉得你在旺卡酒吧里找到了一张金票. 你将穿上白大褂,戴上帽子去参观工厂,看看传送带, 机器, and ingredients up close. 一路上,您将品尝这种豆内混合物,以及各种刚制成的豆子. 对于大多数养眼的人来说,一定要预定一个工作日的旅游 索拉诺县 工厂,因为制作果冻的机器在周末会暂停. (更多的)

3. Bask in the Butterflies at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

One of the biggest thrills at this 瓦列霍 位于旧金山东北部的主题公园实际上非常舒适. Walk into the 100-by-50-foot atrium of the Butterfly Habitat, 当你在树林和灌木丛中漫步时,你会听到潺潺的瀑布声, all dotted with roughly 500 butterflies, consisting of 25 different species. When the tropical exhibit debuted in 1988, it was the largest butterfly display in the nation, and it’s still a crowd-pleaser. The whole park has a wildlife bent, 太, 因为它在20世纪60年代第一次开放时是一个动物园和海洋生物中心. (更多的)

Exploratorium, 旧金山

4. Experience Innovative Exhibits at The Exploratorium

This mind-blowing 旧金山 博物馆邀请你用一种全新的方式去看世界和你自己. Take the Giant Mirror, which “shifts the way you see yourself, 所以,当你的影像翻过来的时候,你可以和自己击掌,或者“穿过”自己,” says Janet Petitpas, the Director of Collections and Exhibit Galleries. “这种形状也会改变你周围的声音,为你带来多感官体验。.” (更多的)

5. Meet Native Animals at 奥克兰动物园

动物园 奥克兰 is home to 更多的 than 700 creatures from around the globe, 从热带雨林到非洲大草原. Its heart is the 55-acre 加州的小道, which opened in 2018. 乘坐空中缆车到达入口——仅这趟旅程就能看到六个县的景色——然后看到金州本土的动物,如灰熊, 捷豹, 野牛, 灰色的狼, 和老鹰. 该地区的保护工作帮助了濒临灭绝的加州动物, 太, 比如阿拉米达条纹赛蛇和山黄腿蛙. 如果一天的时间不够,那就预订一个过夜的狩猎式帐篷体验. (更多的)

6. Tour a Quirky Mansion at Winchester Mystery House

“Eccentric” sums up the 圣荷西 这座大厦是1884年莎拉·帕迪·温彻斯特开始建造的. 她担心自己会被家族步枪帝国的受害者所困扰, 她故意设计了一些古怪的功能,如40个楼梯和许多黑暗的(令人毛骨悚然的)走廊,以摆脱幽灵. 选择白天或晚上参观您的家或花园. (更多的)

7. Take a Spin on Unique Rides at 吉洛伊花园

Little kids can get impatient at 主题公园s, but this 吉洛伊 朴赞郁找到了让他们开心的最佳位置(但从不过度刺激). 这个园艺主题公园拥有专为小孩设计的游乐设施,比如Artichoke Dip, the Mushroom Swing, 还有大蒜园——大蒜园周围种着有百年历史的橄榄树. “Even when we had a baby, we were able to take her on some of the rides,” says Jessica Thompson of the family travel vlog TLife, “but they also have roller-coasters for the older kids.对于成年人来说,“这里的景观非常棒,晚上的公园也很神奇。.” (更多的)

8. 深入的 蒙特利 Bay Aquarium

You’ll feel like you’re under the sea yourself at 蒙特利’s breathtaking aquarium. Head first to the 浪溅区“旅行的孩子”博客的作者莫奈·汉布里克建议道. “Kids can see the big tanks with schools of fish, 但他们也可以触摸水池里的黄貂鱼和海星,”她说. 之后,让他们在外面的操场上发泄,在海湾上歇息. (更多的)

Universal Studios Hollywood

9. Take the Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood

Talk about a blockbuster. 以其幕后运作的工作室来看,这 ride-meets-tourLos Angeles County 主题公园 offers both thrills and fascination. 这段由吉米·法伦(Jimmy fallon)解说的一小时有轨电车之旅充满了美景,甚至还有一个充满特效的好莱坞式结尾. 孩子们将欣赏在旅行中看到的最流行的场景,比如 的声音但每个人都会喜欢看像《bc365app》(King Kong)这样的偶像,那是电影《bc365app》中令人毛骨悚然的房子 《bc365app手机版》, and the animatronic shark from 大白鲨 (call him by his first name: Bruce). (更多的)

10. Play (and Eat Pie) in the Old West at Knott’s Berry Farm

This 主题公园 in Orange County’s 尔巴布埃纳岛公园 在大萧条时期,他从一个卖杂交浆果和馅饼的农场小摊起家. It evolved into a restaurant, 在20世纪60年代, 为了吸引顾客,诺特家族建造了一个旧西部景点,还有以淘金热时代为主题的过山车, 显示, and shops followed. 今天,夫人. 诺特鸡餐厅(Knott 's Chicken Dinner Restaurant)仍坐落在公园大门外, so you can enjoy a family meal—capped off with warm, purple-y pie—on any day. (更多的)


11. Rediscover the Classics at 迪斯尼乐园 Resort

You step into a time machine any time you board the rides of 梦境. Not only have experiences such as The Mad Tea Party, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and Peter Pan’s Flight been here since the 阿纳海姆 park’s opening day in 1955, 但它们温柔的刺激和bc365app性的形象的结合可以唤醒任何人的孩子般的兴奋. New experiences are always debuting 在 duo of 迪斯尼乐园—another 1955 ride, Snow White’s Scary Adventures甚至在2020年进行了轻微的改造,但总体而言,这些经典的游乐设施仍然保持着幸福的不变. (更多的)

12. Explore Miniland USA at LEGOLAND California

These scaled re-creations of cityscapes, composed of 32 million-plus LEGO bricks, epitomize the ingenuity of LEGOLAND California in 卡尔斯巴德. 这是 also the geographical heart of the park, 让它很容易在您的访问,作为一个休息之间的旅程. 每一次,寻找新的宝石,像冲浪者,豪华轿车,甚至僵尸或小乐高的人练习太极. Be sure to take the all-ages Coast Cruise ride, 它蜿蜒穿过米尼兰的水道,让你更接近泰姬陵和悉尼歌剧院. (更多的)

13. Converse with Dolphins at SeaWorld 圣地亚哥

At the poolside Dolphin Encounter, you not only get to pet the friendly bottlenose dolphins, but you’ll literally learn their language. “We teach guests the hand signals we use, such as asking them to vocalize or ‘bow,’ which elicits their love of jumping,迈克·邓恩说, Manager of Education at SeaWorld 圣地亚哥. “Guests come away thrilled.” (更多的)

14. Visit Africa Rock at 圣地亚哥 动物园

With six habitats, this sprawling area of 圣地亚哥伦敦举世闻名的动物园将欧洲大陆从海岸延伸到大草原. See native creatures such as leopards, 狐猴, 狒狒, 矮鳄鱼, and adorably tiny antelopes called klipspringers. 别错过了 非洲企鹅, 他们可以在鹅卵石环绕的游泳池里以每小时15英里的速度游泳,就像南非的巨石海滩(甚至有一个水下窗口,可以近距离观察). 有趣的事实:非洲企鹅有时被称为“蠢驴”企鹅, since their call sounds oddly like a donkey’s bray. (更多的)

游客和居民的安全是这个金州的头等大事. Before traveling, familiarize yourself with local guidelines and regulations for all of the destinations you plan to visit. We also encourage everyone to check out Visit California’s Responsible Travel Hub as well as the latest 旅游信息更新.

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