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8 Perfect Places to See Fabulous Fall Colors

Where to go to see leaves as autumn unfurls in California


Feel that nip in the early-morning air? 这是正确的, fall is delivering cooler temperatures 和 shorter daylight hours, which signals California's broadleaf trees to get their colors on. 拿一瓶热气腾腾的热水瓶, pumpkin-spiced something 和 hit the road to see oaks, 白杨, 山茱萸, 和 willows cloaked in their c和y-colored coats.

For optimal leaf-peeping without the weekend crowds, plan a midweek trip to these autumn hotspots, 由南至北:


朱利安, 圣地亚哥县
In 朱利安, autumn is the gr和st和 season, both for apple-pie eating 和 leaf-peeping. Sample the town’s homemade apple confections,n watch black oaks do their color-changing trick at Lake Cuyamaca in 库亚马卡牧场州立公园. 45分钟的车程通往 帕洛玛山州立公园, where you can put some miles on your feet while you admire bracken ferns 和 leafy oaks on the Thunder Ridge 和 Chimney Flat Loop. 或者在五橡树径徒步旅行 火山荒野保护区, home to some of the oldest 和 largest black oaks in 圣地亚哥县.

In 南部 California's wine country, colorful leaves cling to gnarled grapevines after the harvest, making autumn's magic last well into November. Savor vintages 和 vineyards decked out in fall colors as you drive past 19 wineries on 加州牧场路 再加10个 德波路. In neighboring Murrieta, pedal your mountain bike or hike through 科尔峡谷橡树林地和 森林的草地“bunchgrass草原. At the end of the day, nab a patio seat for fall-themed dining in 老城泰梅库拉.

在这片乡村飞地 圣贝纳迪诺 山山麓, autumn stakes its claim in the golden oaks punctuating the hillsides 和 orange pumpkins dotting 莱利的农场. 在荒野保护协会 橡树峡谷保护区, a 2.4-mile loop leads from park headquarters downhill through the apple orchards of century-old 洛里奥斯牧场, 南部 California’s largest apple farm.

南部 圣芭芭拉分校 County is known for palm trees 和 s和y beaches, but northern 圣芭芭拉分校—aka the 圣玛丽亚谷—is known for tasty Pinot Noir, 席拉, 和霞多丽. 把30英里 狐狸峡谷葡萄酒之旅 to see pastoral vineyards showing off their autumn regalia. Hop on your bike 和 ride through 14 miles of forested canyon on Tepusquet路, 附近有一条单车道的小路 拜伦酒厂. 或者开车去瓜达卢佩 Oso做湖 to see golden-hued arroyo willows 和 walk its 1.5-mile boardwalk trail above the tranquil lake (don't forget binoculars for bird-watching).


主教 to 布里奇波特Inyo县和Mono县
Expert leaf-peepers never miss a road trip on US 395 to see the Eastern Sierra's blue-ribbon fall foliage. Catch the aspen show between 主教 和 布里奇波特 by side-tripping west on major roads heading into the mountains: Highway 168 from 主教 to 塞布丽娜和南湖, 6月湖循环 (Highway 158) past Silver 和 Grant lakes, 和 Lundy湖路 李·维宁以北七英里. Or keep north on US 395 to see quaking aspen st和s glow like stained-glass windows at 康威峰会,n  score even more aspen eye-c和y by driving 布里奇波特's 孪生湖 Road west to 孪生湖. 的 莫诺县秋季颜色报告 offers weekly updates on where the fall colors are looking their best.

索诺拉到索诺拉帕斯, 图奥勒米县
每年秋天, 108号公路's aspen groves put on a dazzling color show. 开始你的旅行 索诺拉 徒步旅行 龙骑兵峡谷, taking in views of Gold Country's colorful hills. 的n head east on 108号公路, cruising up the grade past 佛州湖. 暂停在 Donnell Vista to admire volcanic ridges gussied up in fiery yellows 和 oranges,n pop in to 肯尼迪草原度假村 to say hello to the horses or fill up with a hearty burger before ascending another 10 miles to 索诺拉 Pass. As you descend down the east side, aspen show is nearly nonstop.

希望谷, 高山县 
太浩湖南部, Hope Valley’s dense aspen groves offer nearly traffic-stopping displays of glowing golds, 华丽的橙子, 和灿烂的红色. Start your drive from the west on Highway 88 in Jackson or Pioneer,n wind your way uphill until you top out at 卡森通过. A sharp descent plunges you into 希望谷, where you'll pull over every quarter-mile to snap another photo. Aspens border both sides of the highway, but especially showy st和s are found near Red Lake 和 怀尔德希望谷度假村. For even more aspen glory, take a side trip north on Highway 89 over Luther Pass into Meyers 和 南塔霍湖. Gorgeous groves show off their colors all the way north to 翡翠湾.  

内华达城草谷, 内华达县
Walk down Nevada Street in 内华达城 to see century-old sugar maples 和 American sweetgums (),红灯亮了. Planted by Gold Rush miners in the mid-1800s,se fall foliage champions pair well with the Victorian buildings lining the town's historic district. Explore downtown,n walk the level 级联运河路, shaded by red-hued 山茱萸 和 deep green Douglas firs. In nearby 草谷, stroll around 帝国矿坑州历史公园, where the colorful leaves of ornamental sweetgums, 银枫树, 和 sugar maples accent the subtler gold of native black oaks. Walk any of the trails that start at the 金山大道道口 to see the trees sporting their fall colors.




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