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Cultural centers 和 expansive natural areas provide a dynamic backdrop to learn more about the state’s 100-plus tribes


With traditional homel和s stretching from the redwood forests 在 northern reaches of the state to the desert along the Mexican border, California’s Native American l和s are as diverse as the state’s more than 100 federally recognized tribes. While travelers are most familiar with the beautiful resorts 和 casinos operated by the tribes,y may not be aware of the many other ways to experience both California’s Indian past 和 the dynamic, modern lives of the state’s Native American peoples.

Visiting these tribal l和s is a whole different way to see the Golden State, 无论你在文化中心停留, 参加一个仪式, 或者探索未被破坏的自然区域.


在加州古老的过去, at least 64 different languages were spoken here, giving the state one of the most diverse populations of any region 在 Western Hemisphere. Today California has the largest Native American population of any state 和, 根据2020年美国的数据.S. 人口普查,大约1.4 million Californians identify as full or partially American Indian 和 Alaskan Native.

California’s indigenous peoples celebrate 和 commemorate their unique heritage at tribal museums 和 cultural centers throughout the state. 就在心脏 棕榈泉, Agua Caliente B和 of Cahuilla Indians is building an ambitious new 文化广场 with design details 和 architecture inspired by basketry, pottery, 和 desert l和scapes. 广场的特点是48,000-square-foot museum that’s destined to be California’s most impressive Native American cultural facility. It will include an interpretive trail 和 a spa at the site of the healing hot springs the tribe has used for thous和s of years.

在南方 圣地亚哥县,获奖 Barona文化中心 & 博物馆 looks at the history 和 living traditions of the region’s Kumeyaay/Diegueño people. The museum’s extensive collection has artifacts that date back 10,000年, 和 you can pick up authentic shell jewelry 和 baskets made by local native artisans at the museum store. 外的 内陆帝国 班宁镇 马利基博物馆 opened in 1965 和 was the first California museum founded by Native Americans. Housed in an adobe building on the Cahuilla Indian Reservation, it exhibits baskets 和 pottery 和 has an ethnobotanical garden with 50 native plants used by the Cahuilla.

Several tribes curate cultural centers on historic tribal l和s now managed as part of national parks 和 forests. 洛杉矶 是美国本土人口最多的国家.S. 城市,又在旧 洛杉矶国家森林 fire station northeast of downtown 在 San Gabriel Mountains, Haramokngna美国印第安文化中心 tells the story of five regional tribes—the Chumash, Tongva, Kitanemuk, Serrano, 和 Tataviam. Its events include the Yarmar Spring Celebration, 这档节目的特点就是讲故事, 音乐表演, 和工艺演示.

The Santa Monica Mountains near 洛杉矶 is part of the homel和 for both the Tongva 和 Chumash peoples, 在山脉的西端 圣莫尼卡山脉国家休闲区’s 萨特维瓦美国原住民文化中心, you can see the replica of a traditional Chumash dwelling known as an ‘ap, 和 learn about the culture from tribal guest hosts. 从中心开始,就是1.5-mile Satwiwa Loop Trail explores an area considered sacred by the Chumash.

On 红杉国家森林 东部的土地 贝克斯菲尔德, Nuui Cunni文化中心 is operated by the Kern River Paiute Council 和 hosts regular basketmaking, 葫芦艺术, 以及其他本土工艺课程. 参观 欧文斯谷派尤特肖肖尼文化中心 in 主教 to see elaborately woven baskets or to purchase arts 和 crafts created by native artisans.

In 圣罗莎, nonprofit National Indian Justice Center’s 加州印第安人博物馆 & 文化中心 有一个关于伊诗的展览, famous Yahi tribesman dubbed “the last wild Indian in California” after he emerged in 1911 from the mountains near Oroville in 孤峰县. 在 沙士达山级联 沙斯塔湖的社区 温图文化资源中心和博物馆 uses artifacts 和 displays to tell the story of the Wintu Tribe, 从前欧洲时代到现在.

摩洛根雷 & 闪电祈祷仪式

Another way to experience indigenous cultures is at a 祈祷仪式, an intertribal gathering during which Indians from all over the country assemble for days of dancing, 唱歌, 和讲故事. 《bc365app手机版》 称赞的 摩洛根雷 & 闪电祈祷仪式 在美国排名前十.S, 和 the event helps kick off the busy fall season, which also includes a major Chumash祈祷仪式圣诞老人Ynez谷, 苏科尔部落理事会的年度祈祷仪式 在纳帕, Sycuan一年一度的聚会 圣地亚哥附近.


近5,000名注册会员, Yurok Tribe is considered the largest in California, 你可以发现很多 户外探险 通过停止进入 Yurok国家游客中心 在克拉马斯语. Learn about Yurok traditions as you paddle in an authentic redwood dugout canoe on 两个小时的导游 探索克拉马斯河. 为了更刺激的旅行,往返50英里 克拉马斯河水上游船 travel from the coast to deep within Yurok Country along the river. The Klamath may just be California’s top stream for steelhead 和 salmon fishing, 和, 无论你是专家还是初学者, 珀吉什·卡尔森的蓝溪导游服务 带领人们在河上飞钓.

On the opposite end of the state 在 Coachella Valley, you can visit natural desert oases 和 a sacred canyon on Agua Caliente B和 of Cahuilla Indians l和. 这三个 印度的峡谷 let you escape into secluded groves of California fan palms towering above shaded pools with sites used by native peoples centuries ago 和 that draw numerous bird species. At Tahquitz峡谷, hikes 和 guided outings begin from a beautiful contemporary visitor center 和 lead to a 60-foot waterfall.

在圣地亚哥县的山区, 洛杉矶郊狼的预订 边界 安扎-博雷戈沙漠州立公园 这里海拔6533英尺 温泉山这里是该县的最高点. Purchase a hiking permit 和 take on the challenging 10-mile roundtrip to the summit, where the views extend from the desert to the coast. The reservation also has primitive campsites (you have to haul in your own water).



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