Look beyond the top-10 lists and discover less-traveled destinations on the sunrise side of San Francisco Bay


Conventional wisdom says that when you visit the East Bay, there are a few things you must do: Have a meal at 潘尼斯之家. 听爵士乐 耀西的. 浏览 Temescal巷的 独立的商店. 迷失在 莫伊的书. 一路吃下去 天鹅的市场.

Here’s a suggestion: Look beyond the famous attractions and you'll discover fascinating spots that aren't on everybody's radar. 探索这13个目的地 加州大学伯克利分校, 奥克兰, 阿拉米达, 和邻近的城市, then fill up your Instagram feed with images that will blow the minds of your coworkers and friends who think they "know" the East Bay.


Hike to the top of a volcano in the 奥克兰-加州大学伯克利分校 hills. 安装圆顶 Robert Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve was formed by lava from a 10-million-year-old volcano. Follow the Round Top Loop Trail for panoramic views, or just walk the park's rock-lined labyrinth to feel the geothermal vibes.

牦牛贸易公司的尾巴, 加州大学伯克利分校

进入 牦牛贸易公司的尾巴 and you've stepped into a parallel universe of artsy vintage ephemera—paper garlands and flowers, 人造珠宝, 一束束鲜艳的丝带, 乌克兰的纺织品, 蜂蜡蜡烛, and lots more stuff you absolutely don't need, 但却无法抗拒.


旅行的 城市葡萄酒小道 and sip at up to seven city wineries in one day. They're close geographically, but each is distinctly different: 布鲁克林西 hand-crafts Tempranillo and dessert wines. 原初 specializes in lesser known varietals like Aglianico and Nebbiolo. Rosenblum酒窖 pairs its Zinfandels with a blue-water view on Jack London Square's waterfront.

Carquinez海峡 Regional Shoreline

In 1983, landslides forced the closure of Carquinez Scenic Drive between Crockett and Martinez—closed it to cars, 无论如何. Now bikers, hikers, and joggers take to the old road perched 700 feet above Carquinez海峡. 回报? Nonstop views of this important waterway and its parade of boats, from container ships to tiny sailboats.

University of California Botanical Gardens at 加州大学伯克利分校

每个当地人都知道这件事 著名的植物园, but how many have actually paid a visit? The 34-acre garden features more than 10,000个物种, including many that are rare and endangered, plus a major collection of California natives. Plants are grouped geographically into nine regions, from Italy to South Africa.

Cupcakin’ Bake Shop, multiple locations

With outlets in 加州大学伯克利分校 and 奥克兰, Cupcakin的烘焙店 is Instagram's sweet-tooth darling. Artisan-style cupcakes and cakes are made with top-notch ingredients like Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract and French Valrhona cocoa powder. Each pastry is pretty enough to launch its own modeling career.


徒步旅行 阿拉米达的维多利亚时代. 确定, San Francisco is famous for its Painted Ladies, but the island of 阿拉米达 has more Victorian buildings per capita than anywhere in California. Whether you prefer Queen Annes or Colonial Revivals, you'll find plenty of ornate gingerbread cottages to covet, many designed in the 1880s and 1890s by 阿拉米达 builders Marcuse and Remmel.


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Little known fact: Rocky Road ice cream was invented at 奥克兰's 芬顿的牛奶, a family-owned and operated soda fountain. The signature black-and-tan sundae (caramel sauce, 香草冰淇淋, 巧克力酱, and toasted almond ice cream) is perfect for sharing.


奥克兰's Fruitvale neighborhood is a taco lover’s paradise. Start with carne asada and carnitas tacos at Mi Grullense 然后前往 Aguachiles El亚塔马林多 对于birria炸玉米饼. Next, try the chorizo or lengua tacos at 炸玉米饼锡那罗亚 (2019 Best of 奥克兰 Taco Truck winner). 然后点击 炸玉米饼El Gordo 牛排或牧师玉米饼. 甜点? 弗里德和cinnamon-dusted 墨西哥油炸饼当然,.


这个家族 印度餐馆 and market has been a 加州大学伯克利分校 foodie favorite since 1989. Owner Amod Chopra and his employees knead fresh dough every morning and prepare each samosa by hand. Weekly specials like spinach dahl or curry are served with heaping servings of basmati rice and chapati bread.


Head to the Grand Lake neighborhood and let your nose guide you to the American Rose Society-accredited Morcom玫瑰花园. Thousands of summer-blooming roses cover this eight-acre park graced with winding walkways, 石头楼梯, and a cascading fountain and reflecting pool. If you need a reason to hang out here, volunteer as a "dead-header."

蒂尔登公园的旋转木马, 加州大学伯克利分校

Tilden Regional Park offers breathtaking bay views, 一个倒影湖, 小型蒸汽火车, 还有一个10英亩的植物园. But for parents with young kids (or dreamy-romantic adults), its biggest draw is the 蒂尔登公园的旋转木马. The 1911 carousel is populated by four rows of hand-carved horses, 狮子, 老虎, 蟾蜍, 长颈鹿, 海怪, 和更多的. If you've been waiting your whole life to grab the brass ring, here's your chance.


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早上5点起床 阿提斯动物园咖啡, where caffeine culture is taken to a whole new level. Honey-lavender lattes are a 加州大学伯克利分校 favorite, but you can't go wrong with a pour-over. 几口燕子之后, have a nerdy chat with the baristas about acidity levels, 采购, and why "live roasted" beans taste better. Watch uber-fresh beans roasting in tiny one- to three-pound batches.

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