的 科切拉谷地's string of cities from Indio to Desert Hot Springs offer surprising diversions for locals 和 seasoned travelers


Like those Canadian snowbirds, you're no stranger to the 科切拉谷地棕榈泉. You're well-schooled in four-hour brunches 和 midcentury-modern furniture. You've watched plenty of tennis tournaments 和 music festivals, even attended a polo match. You've swam in dozens of sparkling pools 和 sipped tiki cocktails under swaying fan palms.

但你和风车拍过自拍吗? Ridden through the desert in a mule-drawn wagon? 尝到了黑金枣的微妙味道? 天黑后打高尔夫球? 如果你还没有,现在是时候做了. 更大的棕榈泉 is loaded with off-the-radar discoveries to rescue you from "been-there, done-that" doldrums. Here are 13 great options to lure you out of the pool.


记得空中旅行? 对,那很有趣. Relive the joy at Palm Spring's aviation-themed speakeasy, PS空中酒吧, 哪里可以坐到头等舱, 获得扶手, 和 eat dinner at a table that resembles an airplane wing. 塞进 Bouschet 市场和小酒馆, 这个夜总会看起来就像一架737飞机, 但对食物进行了重大升级, 饮料, 和情绪照明.

Indio GC的灯,Indio

白天开球太热了? 打高尔夫球到10点.m. at 印第奥的灯光, the 科切拉谷地's only night-lighted course. 理论上,3级评级听起来很容易, 但七个洞的长度超过160码, 你会遇到比你想象的更多的挑战.

Mariscal仙人掌和多肉植物, Desert Hot Springs

不管你住在加州的哪个地方, you can create a fabulous drought-smart garden by planting cactus 和 succulents. Shop for these sometimes spiny (but always beautiful) plants at Mariscal仙人掌和多肉植物, an outdoor nursery with rows upon rows of agaves, 沉香, echeverias, 大戟属植物, 仙人掌属植物, 甚至是仙人掌.


A close-to-home getaway might be just the right ticket during this challenging year. 逃脱在经典的棕榈泉风格在 猴子树上旅馆, a 1960 Albert Frey design that oozes old Hollywood vibes. A-listers who've stayed here include Lucille Ball, the Beatles, 和 President John F. Kennedy (accompanied by Marilyn Monroe, according to legend). Ask if you can peek into the Jungle Room to see the macramé owls—they're a hoot.


Hidden inside Rancho Mirage's Atrium Mall is hip 牧场Relaxo, a retail shop featuring a clever selection of clothes, 配件, 和古玩, 大部分由美国工匠手工制作. Browse an eclectic trove of Yunizon's perfect-fit sunglasses, 纲要的创造力期刊, 康威电气别致的延长线, 和埃里克·贾维茨的可持续太阳帽.


注意.⁠ ⁠ YUNIZON is a new line with an long history in eyewear design. 的y did extensive research in developing Yunizon’s Global Fit Technology to address the issues of fit for every shape, 大小和性别. 的y have gone beyond the traditional monikers of Asian, 通用, 标准和欧标配合, 要创建增强的, more accurate 和 comfortable design that appeals to our diverse society. Our Global Fit Technology helps anyone find the perfect fit. 更多信息请访问生物链接.⁠ ⁠ #empoweringwomen #artistmade #h和crafted #ranchorelaxo #ranchomirage #coachella #palmsprings #mensfashion #womensfashion #femaleowned #sustainablefashion #Shopsmall #shopinsta #homedecor #h和made #fashionblogger #palmspringslife #eclecticstyle #eclectic #hipster #hipsterstyle #communityovercompetition #VOTEWITHYOURWALLET #UnderOneSun #FindYourFit #h和craftedsunglasses #h和madesunglasses #independenteyewear #modernsunglasses #genderneutralfashion

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Chula工匠餐馆, La Quinta

科切拉山谷的居民非常喜欢吃早午餐, 非常认真, 他们新的早间热点是拉昆塔餐厅 Chula工匠餐馆. 厨师凯瑟琳·冈萨雷斯(Katherine Gonzalez)的菜肴非常本地化, farm-to-table spin on her mother's traditional recipes for tamales, 鸡、, 而到了. 只要你放纵自己, her oh-so-pretty cupcakes 和 pastries are Instagram darlings—和 delicious.


在历史悠久的科切拉市中心, vivid large-scale paintings celebrate the life 和 struggles of Mexican immigrant farmworkers. 的 科切拉墙壁画项目 features 13 life-size works by local 和 international street artists, 最具戏剧性的是1,000-foot-long mural depicting the history of Chicano culture. 前往Shady Lane,你不会错过的. 在市中心时,在……停留 哈利斯科餐厅 做墨西哥卷饼或三明治.


耐嚼的, 黏糊糊The, yummy dates pair with everything—wrap them in bacon, 切成沙拉, 用山羊奶酪填满它们, 把它们放在冰淇淋上. 山姆·科布农场 在天谷种植了七个枣椰树品种, 包括Medjool, Barhi, 皇后, 和他的专业, 精致甜美的黑金. Buy Cobb's dates online now, then in October, sign up for a date farm tour with Sam himself.


Even for people who flunked out of art history, Palm Desert's CODA画廊 是一种快乐、朴实的体验吗. Named one of the nation's 25 best galleries 和 museums in the 2020 American Art Awards, this El Paseo l和mark sells refreshingly accessible art, from vibrantly colorful pop-art paintings to kinetic wind sculptures to whimsical glass animal sculptures.


Crunchy-sweet Br和ini太妃糖 has been lauded on the Food Network 和 such programs such as 玛莎·斯图尔特秀 并为奥巴马总统服务. 的 confection company was founded in 2006 by two La Quinta high school kids, 和 now Br和ini's almond toffee 和 toffee popcorn have garnered a huge fan base. Try a sample at Br和ini stores in 棕榈泉 or Rancho Mirage.


Recharge your Western spirit as you ride through the 30,000-acre 科切拉谷地 Preserve in a 骡篷车. A seasoned mule-skinner drives a pair of mules through palm oases 和 along s和y washes 和 rugged hills while you sit in a comfy open-air wagon 和 watch the sun set. 在骑, listen to live cowboy music 和 enjoy a chuck-wagon barbecue 和 campfire marshmallow roast.


的re's nothing like a spa day to ease the searing heat of the desert. Make reservations for a foot massage or Moroccan clay body treatment at 摩洛哥酒店和水疗中心. 的n spend a luxurious day savoring the boutique resort's mineral pools, 干式桑拿, 以及卡萨布兰卡式的天篷和吊床. 更好的是,在13个房间中的一个过夜.


You've seen that giant windmill farm near Desert Hot Springs a million times, 但你到底了解多少呢? 90分钟 自己开车旅游 学习风车是如何工作的, 为什么在圣戈尔尼奥山口有这么多, 以及它们能产生多少电力. Guide R和y Buckmaster narrates the digital audio tour.

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