Old California charm 和 laid-back surfer vibes meet modern glamour

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往一个方向看 纽波特比奇, you’ll see oceanfront mansions 和 a yacht-lined harbor. 看另一个, 你会发现历史悠久的村舍, 潜水酒吧, 还有一场关于冰淇淋的友好争论. With its mix of high-end living 和 world-class surfing waves, 纽波特比奇 offers both luxury 和 beach-town delights.

就像任何某个年龄的迷人偶像一样, this 海岸al town has changed its identity a few times over the years. 早在19世纪30年代, 纽波特比奇 was a rancho known as Bolsa de San Joaquin, owned by a settler who preferred livestock to seafaring: He had 14,000头牛和3头,000匹马, 但是没有船. 下个世纪, the community first changed its name to Newport—in the 1870s, when the main industry was commercial shipping—then to 纽波特比奇 in 1902. 在那之后, the town increasingly attracted tourists 和 Hollywood elite such as Shirley Temple (crowned the first Miss 纽波特比奇 at age 13), James Cagney (said to have won Collins Isl和 in a poker game), 和约翰·韦恩, 谁在20世纪60年代初永久搬到这里.

The city’s heart 和 soul still revolve around the harbor, which comprises two bodies of water. 有 上层新港湾, an ecological reserve ringed by a 10-mile loop trail that attracts birders, 慢跑者, 用, 和骑自行车的人. The four-mile-long Lower Newport Bay, meanwhile, features lovely 商店 和 restaurants—especially in 罐头厂村巴尔博亚岛巴波亚半岛一直的 巴尔博亚有趣的区 游乐园.

Thanks to more than eight miles of 海岸line, the city boasts a vibrant surf culture. Tucked along the jetty that marks Newport Harbor, 的楔形 is arguably the best bodysurfing spot in the country, with waves that can easily reach 20 feet in height. Most of the year, 的楔形 is even considered too raucous for most traditional surfers. 为了更易于管理的波浪, any surfer (or bodysurfer) has plenty of other options along 纽波特比奇. Experienced surfers flock to Echo Beach 和 Blackies, while Little Corona is popular among beginners. For a leg up, opt for a lesson at local spots like 无尽阳光冲浪学校, 纽波特海滩冲浪课程, 新港冲浪营. 那些寻找装备的人应该来看看 青蛙的房子, Newport’s quintessential surf shop since the early ’60s.

In fact, you can find traces of both old 和 new everywhere in 纽波特比奇. 去历史 多莉船队鱼市, which was founded in 1891 和 has been operating as a fish market ever since. 它坐落在受欢迎的海滨餐馆附近,如 Bluewater烧烤, Fly ' N '鱼牡蛎吧, 熊旗鱼公司. Note how some folks around here do the “dock 和 dine”—pulling their boats up to a restaurant for dinner. 你甚至可以 Hornblower邮轮 tour of John Wayne’s old yacht, the Wild Goose, catch a view of his oceanfront mansion. Belying his cowboy image, the Duke was reportedly once a bodysurfer himself.

然后浏览精品店 电晕系列全集 社区,或者去户外 时尚岛美国是高端零售商店的聚集地. Come to town in spring 和 you can watch screenings at the 新港海滩电影节 或者听听音乐 新港海滩爵士音乐节.

Accommodation options range from luxurious resorts to B&b到度假租赁和酒店. At some, you can even pull up by boat, like at the family-friendly 新港沙丘海滨度假村 & 玛丽娜, which features 110 acres of s和y beach 和 gentle back bay waves with a laid-back luxury vibe. 高尔夫球手涌向 鹈鹕山度假村, with its panoramic ocean views, pristine pools, one of the world’s best golf courses. spa爱好者和购物者是这里的常客 时尚岛酒店新港海滩, 那里的20层套房能看到令人惊叹的景色, if a beach cottage with a rooftop deck sounds appealing, 看看复杂的 新港海滩丽都之家. For something on a smaller, more intimate scale, bed & 比如1924年前后的早餐 Casa拉古纳酒店 & 水疗中心, or Doryman的海滨酒店 符合要求.

Beyond any glitz, Newport offers a few small but sweet luxuries—和 one long-st和ing disagreement. 糖' n香料爸爸的, 每个都在巴尔博亚岛的海洋大道上, are proud of their frozen chocolate-dipped bananas, 都声称自己发明了巴尔博亚酒吧, a chocolate-dipped ice cream bar rolled in sweet or salty toppings. No doubt, you’ll need to try them both to form your own opinion.






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